Monday, November 5, 2007

Kudos To the Radiohead

Radiohead's newest album was not released in the iTunes store but instead released on there site The best thing about this is the artist gets full profit and you just pay what you can afford from 50 cents to 200 dollars along with no digital rights management. I'm all for getting music by what ever means you please because it should be accessible to everyone, but when a group rebels against the system like this in the favor of its fans I strongly vote against stealing it. Because we all know you have 50 cents no matter how poor you are and if you don't go ask someone I'm sure they'll give it up.

Once Again Major Kudos to Radiohead
on a side note their is this weeks website


Connor said...

that is acually pretty awesome

Cincinnatus said...

Who would have thought digital rights management would be perceived as so dangerous, Dave? It's ironic that the logical extension of existing copyright law became a matter of concern only once the technology existed to manage "fair use" out of existence. This is just one more example of the new technology breeding more individual freedom from a structure meant to provide limits. Freedom for us, freedom for artists, and freedom in the marketplace.

Imagine the day when everyone owns content, and trades it freely according to his or her own guidelines...we are on the verge of a quantum shift the likes of which the world has not seen in over 100 years. This changes everything. More to come...