Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hellth Nuts

I think all these people who run around detoxing, taking these shit for like 5 day diets are lil loopy. When did everyone go and become such health and germ freaks. You don't have to carry around your own personal medical cleaning splooge every where you go.You're not gunna fucking die because you touched a door handle that millions of people have also touched, its called an immune system people and your actually going to get sick if you keep doing what your doing. You don't have to believe everything Oprah says she is not God, sure you should take some lil precautions like don't lick the pavement but come on people we've gotten this far. You don't need to be so paranoid about things, go ahead eat a cheeseburger once in a while no one lives for ever! I know that the News tells you how much everything you put in your mouth will kill you and how dirty and dangerous the world is but like i said earlier we got this far haven't we, it's like that old saying "nobody gets out this life alive."


Your other half said...

we will die fat, unhealthy, diabetic and happy with in-n-out animal fries in our bellies.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Young man...if indeed you are young and a man...why do you persist in expressing yourself with such foul language? Is the vulgarity necessary? I can't believe that you would expose other children to the type of strong vocabulary you seem to be predisposed to use.

What really frosts my cornflakes, though, is the fact that you insist in italicizing these phrases so that they quite literally reach out and punch one directly in one's face! Quit it!!! Behave. Really, now, David Klint, must we articulate splooge in print to get our point across? I would be willing to look the other way, even in the midst of such flagrant profanity, but when you also insist on being disrespectful to Oprah,'s just beyond the limits, young man! Oprah is a warm, generous, compassionate, saintly woman, and she deserves your respect. Do you have a TV show? A magazine? A private school for girls??? Well, do you? I thought not.

Be profane if you must, but leave Miss Oprah out of it, for the sake of the children. And if you must, italicize everything so that the nasty bits don't stand out so profoundly, I beg you.