Saturday, November 3, 2007

Superman and Derek Jeter

Collectibles trip me out, people take these things that in reality arent of much intrinsic value and raise them up with just the simple law of "supply and demand" . Just look at baseball cards which in reality are just small pieces of cardboard with a picture on it, or a comic books which are just paperback short stories which probably costs 25 cents to make. But people who covet these things add value to them because of how rare they are or how much we particularly want them. We end up selling a small book or a piece of cardboard for hundreds of dollars. Its things like these that make me giggle to myself on some of the twisted things that we put value to. Im not gunna point fingers and judge cuz im guilty like a lot of people,but I just think its funny how people can take something which in reality is worth shit and turn it to gold.

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Billy said...

Wow!that is so is amasing that we put so much energy and value in to to collectibles huh. I have my own baseball card collection at home, it is worth about 1,100 dollars.